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Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sun Aug 19 03:38:17 CDT 2012

Dear Ramesam ji,


Thank you for the beautiful article on 

how to be awake to the “thought of deep sleep”.


This seems to match to the technique of enquiry mentioned by traditional advaita itself

as mentioned in muNDaka upa. vAkya:


praNavO dhanuH sharOhyAtmA

brahma tallakSya muchyatE

aprmattEna vEddhavyaM

sharavat tanmayO bhavEt


In the above mantra, technique of praNava vichAra mArga is prescribed. 


praNava is adopted for two paths ie., one for upAsana and another is for vichAra.  The former is kartru-tantra and

the later is vastu-tantra. 


In the vichAra mArga which is vastu-tantrAtmaka, 

praNava is considered as the bow; the chidAbhAsa jiva is considered as arrow.  The target at which the arrow

to be released is Brahman. 


The vichAra prakriya adopted is the process of enquiry only.


So, it is not that traditional advaita treads a tortuous
path but it takes into consideration the *adhikAra*  of the mumukSu.









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