[Advaita-l] Vikalpa, Savikalpa, and Nirvikalpa

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> bhAmati says that nididhyAsana is dhyAnam or samAdhi. It doesn't say that
> samAdhi is tattva-dhIH.

No.  You can see what Bhamati says which I had first quoted:

//निदिध्यासितव्य इति ध्यानोपदेशः । *द्रष्टव्य इति समाधेरुपदेशः *। यथाहुः -
’तदेव ध्यानमर्थमात्रनिर्भासं स्वरूपशून्यमिव स्माधिः’ इति ।//

The Br.Up. said: Such an Atma must be realized: draShTavyaH.  This is what
is called sAkShAtkAraH.  For that the means are shravaNa, etc.  So, bhAmati
is saying the last means is dhyAna and its culmination is samAdhi which is
sAkShAtkAra or Atmadarshanam.  That is what is called in the Panchadashi as
'jananam of tattvadhIH'.  That is the sAmyam between the Bhamati and

 Instead it said that antaHkaraNa accompanied with nididhyAsana,etc. or
> purified by them is karaNa for brahmaGYAna. While pa~nchadashI says that
> after nididhyAsana mahAvAkya generates brahma-GYAnam.
> We were talking about this. Now see above your lines. You got deviated.
> regards

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