[Advaita-l] Vikalpa, Savikalpa, and Nirvikalpa

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I fail to see any controversy in this. Nidhidhyaasanam is not a pramANa. mahavaakya shravanam is pramANa. Lack of the required chitta suddhi is the obstacle for jnaana nishTa, even though one has understood through shravanam and mananam. Hence the knowledge remained as paroksha jnaanam due to vipareeta bhaavana. Nidhidhyaana makes the final preparation of the mind when the mind is fully engaged in the mahavaakya vicaaara - with akhandaakaara vRitti. In that sense only vedantic nidhidhyaasa  differs from the yogic Nidhidhyaasana. Vidhyaranya adopts the yogic nidhidhyasaana after the jnaanam accquired by sharvana and mananam involving initially effortfully contemplating with aatma vichaara leading to effortless meditation on the same where one is fully established in aham brahmaasmi knowledge. This is what was described by him as nirvikalpa samaadhi in tatva viveka of pancadashi.
It just differs from Vedantic nidhidhyaasanam where one sees onself in all and all in oneself - while seeing all!- sarva bhuutastam aatmaanam sarva bhuutani ca aatmani. 
I do not see any problem here as long as one understood that the patanjali yoga samaadhi is different from the nidhidhyaasana with knowledge gained from shravana and manana.
Hari Om!

>> bhAmati says that nididhyAsana is dhyAnam or samAdhi. It doesn't say that
>> samAdhi is tattva-dhIH.
>No.  You can see what Bhamati says which I had first quoted:

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