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> Also one can easily see the explanation of the adhyAtma
> Yoga contained in the book* 'Intuition of Reality' authored by Sri SSS
> *
> 6. .....The highest Truth can be known only by means of suggestion
> of the Shruti or an Acharya by making use of one's own purified mind
> alone. By this ONE INSTRUMENT (all emphasis is of the revered
> author, not mine) the seeker can practise the ADHYATMA YOGA (the
> graded contemplation leading to the inmost Atman). The process of
> this Yoga demands that the seeker should gradually STILL the
> activities of the senes, the mind, intellect as well as the ego,
> trying to MERGE each preceding entity in the next succeeding one,
> till at last he BECOMES ONE with the really real Tranquil Atman,
> beyond all objects of the senses and the intellect. (unquote)
> The basis for this is the Kathopanishat mantra on adhyAtmayoga:' yacched
> vAngmanasI prAjnaH...'


This reminds me the following mantra and the bhAshya of the brihadAraNyaka

manasaivAnudraSTavyam nEha nAnAsti kinchana|
mrutyO sa mrutyumApnOti ya iha nAnEva pashyati|| Br.Up. IV.IV.19

Through mind alone (It) is to be realized. There is no difference
whatsoever in it. He goes from death to death, who sees difference, as it
were, in It.


"The means of the realization of that Brahman is being described. Through
the mind alone, purified by the knowledge of the supreme Truth, and in
accordance with the instruction of the teacher, (It) is to be realized.
There is no difference whatsoever in It, Brahman, the object of

The aforementioned citation shows that Swami SS is not hostile towards
dhyAna & samAdhi.

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