[Advaita-l] Adi Sankara knew Earth is round and rotating

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Aryabhatta was born in 1325 BCE, according to one source (P.C.Sengupta quotes the relevant verse) and according to severalĀ  other sources (Dr. Kosla Vepa quotes that verse) Aryabhatta was born even much earlier. Aryabhatta was the first among the ancient Indians to say that the Earth moved round the Sun. The Vedas also have allusion to that. A great Vedic scholar Adi Sankara is obviously expected to know that the Earth moved round the earth. 


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In Bruhadaranyaka 6-2-11 Adi Sankara has said Pruthvi Chayam Hi
Sharvaram Tama Acakshate- They say the shadow portion of Earth is
Darkness of Night

The Sunlight portionĀ  is Day and the Shadow portion is Night. He knew
Earth is rotating and round before Westerners discovered the same.


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