[Advaita-l] Analysis of attributes and their locus

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> But the suffering people can think of reducing the suffering
> immediately only. Advaita demands them to think very radically and it
> is not possible do that. They are thinking how to reduce suffering
> immediately.  They can't think of other things. Advaita is not for
> person happy with his life and lazy and not for the suffering person
> also. It is for the middle person. He is not suffering very much and
> he is not happy with his life 100%.

The requirements of a vedanta sadhaka includes 'titikShA' which is defined
as   -

सहनं सर्वदुःखानां अप्रतीकारपूर्वकम् । चिन्ताविलापरहितं सा तितिक्षा निगद्यते
॥  The 'balam' required for 'AtmalAbha' derives, among other things, also
from this very important factor.  In fact one of the very definitions of
samsara talks of 'षडूर्मयः’ the six-fold 'waves' that continuously batter
the jiva - sukha-duHkha, hunger and thirst and birth and death.  The Gita
requires one to often contemplate thus:
जन्ममृत्यु-जराव्याधि-दुःखदोषानुदर्शनम् where the very contemplation is
aimed at producing the viveka that life indeed is fraught with pain, in
whatever degree it occurs to one. One can learn from one's own or others'


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