[Advaita-l] Analysis of attributes and their locus

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praNAms Sri Venkatesh prabhuji
Hare Krishna


If you read Dharma Sastra books you can see Gruhastha has to work for
couple of hours per day to maintain his family. 

>  I am interested to see the particular reference in dharma shAstra 
kindly help. 

He has to earn only enough wealth for maintenance of family and others 
like Sannyasis
depending on him and not more. But nowadays people want to earn more and 
more and are not satisfied. How can they get Mumukshutva?

>  I agree with this..But I dont think 'middle-class' can be spared from 
this..Because they too have their own commitments & obligations.  Just 
sharing the practical life problem of the middle class family..mine is one 
of those middle class families :-))

How many rich people you know are like Buddha and renouncing wealth?
99.9999% of them are greedy and want more and more. They avoid taxes
very cleverly even if they are rich. They are in a mad race to get
richer and richer all the time. The material desires are never ending.
How can they get Mumukshutva?

> I humbly think, this is just one side of the story...If we see the 
bygone history & mythological  characters, they are all kings (rich) but 
they are religious & mahAjnAni-s as well...I think, even in current 
scenario, when the rich people reach the saturation point, they 
automatically turn towards adhyAtmika sAdhana.  And again this 'adhyAtmika 
vAsana/mumukshatva' is not anyway restricted to some particular crowd of 
the society. 

The very poor people are also thinking of small material possessions
and dreaming of becoming rich one day. They are struggling to get
daily minimum needs. How can they get Mumukshutva?

The middle class is the best class because they have enough comforts
for daily life. They don't have to dream of becoming rich. They can
get Mumukshutva more easily than the other two.

>  vidhura, kuchela, kannappa, rAghavendra mahAswamy, paramahaMsa etc. 
were poor but had abundant mumukshatva, dhruva, prahlAda, vibhishaNa, 
bali, janaka mahArAja, yudhishtira  etc. were kings & rich and they too 
were adhyAtmika sAdhaka-s & had great mumukshatva..but I hardly see an 
appropriate example from a middle class family :-)) On a lighter vein, a 
middle class gruhastAshramite yAjnAvalkya went after the gift offered by 
janaka to maintain his family with two wives :-)) 

>  I think most of the people like me, who have middle class life style, 
not ready to sacrifice our material comforts for the sake of 
mumukshatva...A struggle is always on for the material betterment but 
parallelly there is some adhyAtmikata in our lives.  That's it.  A middle 
class family sAdhaka is the balanced blend of both rAma & kAma :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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