[Advaita-l] Advaiti Response to this report?

Kalyan K kalyankc.81 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 09:58:49 CST 2012

Namaste Venkatesh-ji

There are some reasons to doubt that the debate between Sri Vidyaranya
and Akshobhyathirtha has taken place. One of them is given in the
following website itself -


(from the above link) Why should Sri Vedanta Desika accept views that
contradict the teachings of his own guru (which he would be doing if
he accepts atattvamasi)?

Secondly, with all due respect to Sri Vedanta Desika, I find it very
difficult to believe that Sri Vidyaranya would accept Sri Vedanta
Desika as a neutral judge, given the latter's works against advaita.
If somebody has written a lot against advaita, will an advaitin accept
him as a neutral judge?

Further, I remember reading that even Madhwacharya, in his Bhagavad
Gita Bhashya takes the reading as tattvamasi (though he uses it to
support dvaita, and he uses attatvamasi reading elsewhere). So why
would Akshobhyatirtha go against his own guru, by arguing that this
reading is wrong?


>Kindly see some comments from this list members are referred in this
>and Dvaita responses are given for debates -

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