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>> Kindly see some comments from this list members are referred in this
>> and Dvaita responses are given for debates -
>> http://www.sumadhwaseva.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Defeat-of-Advaitins.pdf
Ironically the above pdf starts with the title 'Defeat of Advaitins' and
ends acknowledging the defeat of not one but several Dvaitins and that too
in the hands of a Dvaitin who had accepted Advaita:

// Many Madhwas have however regarded Srimadacharya with great respect and
have been disciples of the Sringeri mutt. Sri Kunigal Rama Shastrigal,
father of Sri Sacchidananda Shivabhinava Nrisimha Bharati Mahaswamigal in
Purvashrama, was a great scholar in the court of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III of
Mysore. Many great scholars belonging to Smarta, Madhwa and Srivaishnava
communities were his disciples. He was well-known not only in the southern
states of India, but his fame had also spread to other parts of the
subcontinent like Bengal. Vishnupadacharya, son of a Madhwa scholar Julupi
Krishnacharya, was a student of Sri Rama Shastrigal. He had studied Tarka
and Vedanta under Sri Rama Shastrigal and was a great scholar. He gradually
developed an interest towards Advaita philosophy and his sharp intellect
advised him to accept Advaita as the sole truth. Vishnupadacharya began to
debate with Dvaita scholars and defeated countless opponents with his
irrefutable arguments. Upset with his love for Advaita, Madhwas banned him
from Madhwa society. But this did not change his love for Advaita or
respect for Srimadacharya. With enhanced vigor, he started propagating the
glory of Advaita and continued to defeat Dvaita scholars in arguments.
Eventually, not a single Dvaita scholar was left who could challenge him
for a debate. The Uttaradi mutt pontiff of Udupi mediated to put an end to
humiliation of the Dvaita scholars and advised the Madhwas not to challenge
him for a debate.//

To the above the author responds:

//Duryodhana conquered* *a number of stalwarts on Pandava side. Does it
mean he was a great personality?//



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