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On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 10:06 PM, Vidyasankar Sundaresan
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> Look, you have been asked to explain or define what you understand by the
> words satya and asatya.
Advaita has accepted Sat is always existing and Asat is opposite to
Asat. Sat is Brahman only. But from Sruti 'Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma'
everything is Sat only. There is no Asat. What you see the world is
Sat. It is not Mithya.

But Advaitis are caught up in Mayavada only insted of Sadvada. This is
also coming from Gaudapada saying 'Na Kinchit Jayate'. But we have to
change this saying 'Na Kimchit Vinashyati'. Why is this more correct?
Because everything is Sat and there is no destruction for Sat.
Gaudapada is saying nothing is ever born but Truth is nothing is ever
destroyed. Why? Because everything is Sat.  This Sat cannot be

There must be change in Advaita from Ajatavada nothing is ever born to
'Avinashavada' nothing is ever destroyed. Only Sat has to be realized.
Why worry about Asat and Mithya?

Now we can answer the questions. What is Sat? It is Brahman this is
Truth. What is Asat? This is not relevant question. There is no Asat
at all. No Mithya also. There is a lot of confusion because of
Mithyavada in Advaita. But there is nothing Mithya.  Why get confused
by Mithyavada?

> You have also been told by another member that you misunderstand what is
> meant by the word mithyA.
> If you care to have a meaningful discussion, please address these two points
> first. Otherwise, your tone of exaggerated complaint, quoting Rangaramanuja
> bhAshya here, mAdhva bhAshya there, will not inspire any serious response
> from other members of this list. In general, the frequent contributors to this
> list's discussions are a very patient lot. Please do not abuse their kindness. I
> am saying this in my capacity as a moderator of this list.
> Returning to general member mode, I notice that you have ignored a number
> of other points made by Sri Subrahmanian, Sri Lalitalalitah, Sri Praveen Bhat,
> Sri Sadananda and myself. Do take some time to assimilate those and see if
> you have anything to add to what you have already said.
> Vidyasankar



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