[Advaita-l] Final Message Mayavada to Brahmavada

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 09:53:30 CST 2012


Last message.

My point is we have to move from Mayavada to Brahmavada. Sri
Subrahmanian said we need both. Brahman is alone the Reality. Maya is
brought in to explain the world. But this is only for starters and
dull people. Because they cannot understand pure Brahman and think it
is not there and think worldly objects are real and get trapped in
Dvaita. Mayavada is saying worldly objects are false. If we get
trapped in Mayavada it is like reading only first chapter of the book.

We can look at history of Advaita. First was Gaudapada's theory
nothing is ever born. It is understood in negative way all the worldly
objects are false like dream objects. He did not concentrate on
Brahman that much. This is getting criticism by opponents saying he is
teaching like Bauddhas. Because if you are only saying all objects are
false someone may think everything is Sunya. Adi Sankara taught the
Adhyasa Vada. How the not Atma can get super imposed on Atma.  Here
also lot of  concentration is about how Anatma is hiding the Atma.
Ramanuja was correct to concentrate on Brahman but his philosophy is
not saying there is nothing but Brahman. Sruti is saying there is
nothing more nothing less than Brahman. But he added Cit and Acit
attributes of Brahman. It is not correct. Dvaitis are following a
simple philosophy. Simply oppose everything in Advaita. This gives
rise to  a lot of debates between the two about Maya and Anatma Vastus
instead of talking about Brahman.

Suddha Brahma Vada is to bring importance of Brahman. First Brahman is
meditated as Saguna Brahman like in Visishtadvaita. We have to
practice to see Saguna Brahma with glorious attributes and forms
everywhere and all the time. Prahlada was seeing Narayana in
everything. We have to become like that. Saguna Brahma can be Vishnu,
Siva or any Hindu God. We must not think anything is false.
Everything is the same Sat. Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma.  There is no
Mithya Vastu because Saguna Brahma is in it. But later we have to move
from meditation on Saguna Brahman to Nirguna Atma. This is Brahman
with no attributes.  We must not get caught in Mayavada because it is
a trap. Even after 100s of years of talking Mayavada there cannot be
Brahma Sakshatkara. The goal is Brahman not Maya.

Instead of trying to reach Brahman using Mayavada arguments we have to
reach by meditation on Saguna Brahman first and later Nirguna.



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