[Advaita-l] Final Message Mayavada to Brahmavada

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On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 21:23, Venkatesh Murthy <vmurthy36 at gmail.com> wrote:

> My point is we have to move from Mayavada to Brahmavada. Sri
> Subrahmanian said we need both. Brahman is alone the Reality. Maya is
> brought in to explain the world.
But this is only for starters and
> dull people.

That's not true. Is there any word like that in bhAShya-s itself ?

If you mean saMsArI by dull people, then you are correct. No moxa-shAstra
says that it's adhikArI is mukta. So, every advaitin who feels that he is
not mukta, accepts mAyAvAda.

There are some great souls which are free from world. We don't talk about

If you feel that we must go forward leaving mAyAvAda, then declare yourself
a mukta first and hence reject all shAstra-s.

Because they cannot understand pure Brahman and think it
> is not there

For understanding scriptures are enough. mAyA is needed to secure validity
of scriptures and is also supported by scriptures.

>  and think worldly objects are real and get trapped in
> Dvaita. Mayavada is saying worldly objects are false. If we get
> trapped in Mayavada

Being trapped ? Are you saying this for advaitin-s of sha~Nkara ?
What does it mean ?
Accepting mAyA to explain mithyA jagat and save validity of veda-s is being
trapped, then not accepting mAyA to prove world real is what ?

it is like reading only first chapter of the book.

Even that is better than 'commenting without touching the book'.

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