[Advaita-l] Is the concept of maya essential to explain advaita?

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Hare Krishna

I am showing that Maya is not supported by Adi Sankara below. 

>  partial or selective reading of the prasthAna traya does not serve any 

Adi Sankara is not agreeing with Gaudapada regarding world and dream.

>  He does agree with Sri gaudapAda in mAndUkya & kArikA bhAshya at a 
different context and revered his mAhAguru as 'saMpradAyavida'. 

Gaudapada is saying objects in waking are like dream objects. But Adi
Sankara has disagreed in Sutra Bhashya. He is saying the objects in waking 
are real but not imaginary objects like the dream objects.

>  Yes, shankara upholds the waking world reality over dream world at some 
places in sUtra bhAshya while refuting the buddhist vijnAnavAda, for 
example 2-2-29, 30, 31 etc.  But same shankara under a different context 
in bruhadAraNyaka, mAdUkya, kArika bhAshya agrees that there is no 
'special' difference between these two avasthA-s.  (tathA prajnAna 
vyatirekeNa jAgrat svapnayOH na kashchit visheshO gruhyate.  shruti also 
attributes equal rites to both waking & dreaming, saptAnga ekO na viMshati 
mukhaH.  And itareya too says tasya traya avasthAH trayaH svapnAH. 

Kindly see the Journal of Indian Philosophy June 1996  paper by Srinivasa 

>  prabhuji, it is really surprising to see the references you are 
providing to substantiate your claims.  Despite asking you several times 
for the relevant quotes from genuine advaita works, you are simply quoting 
one of the numerous articles on advaita written by someone.  I am sorry, I 
dont know who is this Sri Srinivasa Rao and his credentials in advaita 
saMpradAya.  So, I dont have to blindly accept whatever he says about 
shankara vedAnta. 

There is no place for Maya in Advaita but only use may be to confuse 
others in arguments. It is not necessary for serious study of Advaita.

> Again sorry to say this, I am realizing more clearly now, why Sri Vidya 
prabhuji had taken the decision to put an end to these useless discussion. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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