[Advaita-l] Any Vishnu temples run by smarthas?

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Fri Jan 27 03:36:09 CST 2012

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> Not only that, Shankaracharya is also said to have established a
> Dhanakarshana yantra at Tirupati and a Janakarshana yantra at Sri Rangam.
> He is said to have composed the Ranganatha Ashtakam as well.

Although critical of Advaita, Sri VeLukkuDi Krishnan Swami, an accomplished
scholar and a famous exponent of SrivaiShNava system and related topics,
has recounted with great appreciation the Ranganatha Ashtakam taking the
name of Shankara.

There is a shrine-triad at Sringeri between the SharadAmbA temple and the
Sri Vidyashankara Temple.  With Janardana in the middle and Hanuman and
Garuda on either sides, this is a Temple several centuries old.  There is a
huge circular copper plate full of inscriptions at this temple.  All the
three idols are of very huge size, in stone.  Along with all the other
temples/shrines in the complex (there is a Sri Rama shrine too) the
Sringeri Mutt maintains this triad too.

In Bangalore there is the famous 'Ragi guDDa' temple complex (Jayanagar 9th
block) where on the hill top there is a Anjaneya-Sri Rama-Shiva shrine
cluster.  Here too all the archakas are smarthas and the whole complex with
some more shrines for Ganapati and Rajrajeshwari is maintained by smarthas.


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