[Advaita-l] Any Vishnu temples run by smarthas?

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>Not only that, Shankaracharya is also said to have established a
>Dhanakarshana yantra at Tirupati and a Janakarshana yantra at Sri
>He is said to have composed the Ranganatha Ashtakam as well.

There is actually an interesting relation between the temples at tirupati
and sri rangam. When Islamic forces under Malik Khafur attacked Sri rangam
in the fourteenth century, the idol of Lord Sri Ranganathaswamy (some say
the processional idol or namperumal) was kept at tirumala for safe custody.
The idol was kept at Ranga mandapam in tirumala, which one can see on the
left as soon as one crosses the main gopuram (maha dwaram). Sri
Ranganathaswamy received worship in tirumala for a period of 40 years. A
few years back, the temples at sri rangam and at tirumala exchanged gifts
in remembrance of this incident.

>Sri Parthasarthy Swami of Triplicane , Chennai also sports a moustache.
>I think depicting Sri Krishna(and Vishnu) with a woman;s face is
>historically a later


May I know what is the reason for your thoughts. Some of the oldest vishnu
temples in India depict with vishnu with no moustache. This includes the
places where the deity is considered to be self-manifested.

>they had continued only Yajnas as worship there could not have been
>looting of temples and Hindu wealth by Mlecchas and devil worshippers.



I doubt that. Not all temples were attacked with the intent of "merely
looting wealth".

>In Bangalore there is the famous 'Ragi guDDa' temple complex (Jayanagar 9th
>block) where on the hill top there is a Anjaneya-Sri Rama-Shiva shrine
>cluster.  Here too all the archakas are smarthas and the whole complex with
>some more shrines for Ganapati and Rajrajeshwari is maintained by smarthas.


Sir, since you live in Bangalore, can you throw some light on the
worship of nandi in Bangalore's bull temple, where nandi (and not Lord
Shiva) is the main deity? I have also found this to be the case at
another nandi temple (on nandi hill, near chamundi temple) in Mysore.
While nandi is always revered, it is rare to see nandi as the main


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