[Advaita-l] Any Vishnu temples run by smarthas?

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The Bull temple located in Basavana Gudi, Bull temple road, Bangalore
was constructed by Vijayanagara rulers in the15th century. The nandi
is carved out of a huge monolithic rock which has blackened over time.
The temple is located over a hill and is quite large. Kempegowda, the
founder of Bangalore is supposed to have brought innovations to the
temple. Nandi himself is the chief deity.

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Abhishek Madhyastha

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>>Not only that, Shankaracharya is also said to have established a
>>Dhanakarshana yantra at Tirupati and a Janakarshana yantra at Sri
>>He is said to have composed the Ranganatha Ashtakam as well.
> There is actually an interesting relation between the temples at tirupati
> and sri rangam. When Islamic forces under Malik Khafur attacked Sri rangam
> in the fourteenth century, the idol of Lord Sri Ranganathaswamy (some say
> the processional idol or namperumal) was kept at tirumala for safe custody.
> The idol was kept at Ranga mandapam in tirumala, which one can see on the
> left as soon as one crosses the main gopuram (maha dwaram). Sri
> Ranganathaswamy received worship in tirumala for a period of 40 years. A
> few years back, the temples at sri rangam and at tirumala exchanged gifts
> in remembrance of this incident.
>>Sri Parthasarthy Swami of Triplicane , Chennai also sports a moustache.
>>I think depicting Sri Krishna(and Vishnu) with a woman;s face is
>>historically a later
> May I know what is the reason for your thoughts. Some of the oldest vishnu
> temples in India depict with vishnu with no moustache. This includes the
> places where the deity is considered to be self-manifested.
>>they had continued only Yajnas as worship there could not have been
>>looting of temples and Hindu wealth by Mlecchas and devil worshippers.
> I doubt that. Not all temples were attacked with the intent of "merely
> looting wealth".
>>In Bangalore there is the famous 'Ragi guDDa' temple complex (Jayanagar 9th
>>block) where on the hill top there is a Anjaneya-Sri Rama-Shiva shrine
>>cluster.  Here too all the archakas are smarthas and the whole complex with
>>some more shrines for Ganapati and Rajrajeshwari is maintained by smarthas.
> Sir, since you live in Bangalore, can you throw some light on the
> worship of nandi in Bangalore's bull temple, where nandi (and not Lord
> Shiva) is the main deity? I have also found this to be the case at
> another nandi temple (on nandi hill, near chamundi temple) in Mysore.
> While nandi is always revered, it is rare to see nandi as the main
> deity.
> Regards
> Kalyan
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