[Advaita-l] Aikya mantra.

Jayasimha Ananth jayasimha.a at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 07:56:46 CST 2012

Hari Om!
Dear List,

             Years ago, when I was learning sanskrit speaking from a
course organised by aksharam, after each class, we used to recite
verses from an "aikya mantra".  A few of the lines began ringing in my
head from the past couple of days for reasons unknown :) I searched
for it extensively on the net, and could not find much details about

               A few lines go like this (I think) - "Indram yamam
maatharishva namaahuhu...".. and ends with " sa ek a eva

               I remember that it was a very small mantra. If some
learned member from the group could share the complete mantra (or
point me to elsewhere), and would let me know where it is originally
quoted, the context and its meaning, I would be really thankful!

Thanks In Advance,

PS - I realise that this has nothing to do with the goals of this
list, If someone could respond to me off list, I shall take the
discussion off list with the member. Or, please feel free to moderate
this message.

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