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> Hari Om!
> Dear List,
>             Years ago, when I was learning sanskrit speaking from a
> course organised by aksharam, after each class, we used to recite
> verses from an "aikya mantra".  A few of the lines began ringing in my
> head from the past couple of days for reasons unknown :) I searched
> for it extensively on the net, and could not find much details about
> it.

The complete form is given in a leaflet  printed and distributed to
students attending the 'sambhAShaNa shibiram' conducted by samskritabhArati
and is worded thus:

यं वैदिका मन्त्रदृशः पुराणाः
इन्द्रं यमं मातरिश्वानमाहुः ।
यं ब्रह्मशब्देन विनिर्दिशन्ति ॥ १

शैवा यमीशं शिव इत्यवोचन्
यं वैष्णवा विष्णुरिति स्तुवन्ति ।
बुद्धस्तथार्हन्निति बौद्धजैनाः
सत्श्री-अकालेति च सिक्खसन्तः ॥ २

शास्तेति केचित्प्रकृतिः कुमारः
स्वामीति मातेति पितेति भक्त्या ।
यं प्रार्थयन्ते जगदीशितारं
स एक एव प्रभुरद्वितीयः ॥ ३

For the meaning you can contact me, in case you find the above not very
clear, and I shall give it by private mail.


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