[Advaita-l] Holenarsipur Swamiji's remarks and why even Avidya is not necessary for Advaita

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Tue Jan 31 05:21:39 CST 2012

Hare Krishna

For Padmapada and other followers Maya=Avidya=Anirvachaniya=Mithya.

>  May be, but that is not the subject matter of this thread. FYI, this 
thread is all about your query/doubt/conclusions on the requirement of 
mAya and avidyA in shankara's advaita vedAnta.  am I right??

You think Sri SSS will agree to this? 

>  not relevant to this thread.

He will not agree Mayavada=Anircahaniya Vada = Mithya Vada. He will not 
agree to Bhava
Rupa Avidya.

>  I dont think, by holding Sri SSS's views on these issues, you can float 
your pet theory !! 

Padmapada and Vachaspati sowed the seed Maya Beeja called as Mula
Avidya in Sankara Advaita and watered it with the Mayavada theory. 

>  No, you are wrong, mUlAvidyA has a different definitions in their 
works. You are misquoting even vyAkhyAnakAra-s also :-))

It became a Big Tree and very hard to climb for all people. People are
looking at the Big Tree and saying Advaita is only Mayavada. They are
not seeing the Root of the Big Tree is in Brahman.

>  I dont know who are these 'people' but I am sure the followers of 
advaita vedAnta have hardly any problem in accepting the role of mAya in 
advaita or brahmavAda.

Is Sri SSS using the Anirvachaniya Vada in his arguments? Is he calling 
Jagat as Sadasadvilaksana in his arguments? If not he is not using 
Mayavada. He is saying indirectly Mayavada is not necessary.

>  I quoted shankara's own words with regard to anirvachaneeya...Please 
share your thoughts on it before asking for Sri SSS's stand on this.

I have given his views from the book as it is without changes.

>  you are quoting his words out of context which results in 
misrepresenting his views on mAya & avidyA.

 I don't have a theory of Mayavada. As a matter of fact I am arguing we 
don't need Mayavada. 

>  you are arguing without any base. So, it is only your perception.

We have to take out the Maya Beeja Mula Avidya and become pure 
Brahmavadis. The Upanishad is showing respect to Brahmavadis only. It is 
saying Brahmavadino Vadanti.

>  brahmavAdins, their 'vadanti', upanishads, etc. etc. are all in this 
mAyA prapancha only :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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