[Advaita-l] Is the idea of 'anAditva' logical?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Jul 4 02:30:12 CDT 2012

Only within the vyavahAra there are questions of Veda, dharma, etc. involved.  It is on these aspects the discussion is going on.  Whether there can be a 'vyavasthita vyavahAra' in these matters if evolution theory is admitted into Religion is the moot
Why can't be? 
anantA vai vEdAH is the vAkya.  Major portion of the shrutis are lost now in kAla garbha. 
These theories might have been mentioned in those lost portions, who knows?  
With whatever little amount of shruti we have with us, we are trying to scratch our heads
and what is amazing is that some of the modern scientific theories are embedded in that.
If you study *aruNa prashNa*, some of the amazing solar concepts are there like VIBJYOR etc.  The 8th ray is called *kashyapa* which is the subtle solar radiation
and after studying these concepts a Russian got noble prize.  
Whatever concepts are there in our vedas, the westerners are discovering them and getting noble prizes and we are just mute spectators of this phenomena even though we
have vast amt. of knowledge with us in the form of VEDA.
Food for thought....

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