[Advaita-l] Apoureshyatva - Faith or Logic?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Jul 4 04:12:33 CDT 2012

However, Vedas have been there in the present form as an oral tradition from time immemorial
I am not denying this and i believe this.  
The mantra bhAga which is in the form of udAtta, anudAtta & svarita are reveletions.  That is they are heard AS IT IS and they EXIST in the form of sabda tarangAs.  The rishi through his tapas attains the same frequency levels and *listens* to those sabda tarangAs that are in the form of subtle vibrations.  Having performed the dhAraNa of those vibrations,
transmits the same to his disciple.  
This is how mantra darshaNa happens and gets transmits to disciple.  The maNDUka sUkta describe this phenomena of transmission from guru to disciple on shravaNa nakSatra.  The dhvani of transmission adopted is nishAdha dhvani.  The 3 svarAs 
get emanated from 8 vAk sthAnAs (8 x 3 = 24 different variations of dhvani emanate from
vocal cords).
So, for instance, if we take the example of asyavAmasya sUkta or nAsadIya sUkta; 
these sUktAs existed in it's subtle form.  It was Rishi Dirghatamas or Parameshti 
out of their tapas, heard and transmitted to their parampara.  Which implies that
these sUktAs EXISTED prior to Dirghatamas or Parameshti and would exist after these
two rishis.  They just brought them forth in the form of vaikhari nAda.  
Now, what about *aprastuta prasanga* which i mentioned like nail cutters etc.  
To believe that they too are apaursheya, sabda nityatvavAda has to be brought in.
If this fact is supported, then some tom, dick & harry would come and say that our bible
was also existed in *parA nAda avastha* and it was Jesus who brought them forth into
How to address this issue.

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