[Advaita-l] : Apoureshyatva - Faith or Logic?

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Thu Jul 5 14:35:49 CDT 2012

Yajnavalkya quarrelled with his Guru. Guru Vaishampayana asked him to
give back the learned Yajur Veda. He vomitted Yajur Veda and other
disciples became parrots and collected it. The vomitting story is
correct. You can read it -
When Vaishampayana was teaching vedas to his disciples, 
his nephew was coming in between and was disturbing the class. 
For removing this obstacle,Vaishampayana released 
*abhimantrita darbha* (ie., darbha charged with mantra).

It hit his nephew who fell on the ground dead. Vaishampayana 
became very disturbed owing to the brahmahatyA pAtaka. 
He asked all his disciples how to expiate this sin. 
None could give a satisfactory solution. 

Yajnavalkya suggested a solution with arrogance.
Vaishampayana sensed the air of ego in Yajnavalkya and 
asked him to give back whatever he learned from him. 
Yajnavalkya gave away all the mantras to his guru 
and left that place. The disciples who were present 
there received them through their intuition.
After leaving this place, Yajnavalkya undertakes severe 
penance for sUryanArAyaNa. Was graced with
shukla yajurvEda.This had 15 branches and chief among 
them are kaNva & mAdhyandina shAkha. The vAjasanEya saMhita 
is the offshoot mAdhyandina shAkha which got popular in 
Gujarat and Northern Province.  It is due to the blessings of
Sage Yajnavalkya, that the great *jyOtirvidyA* of 
maNDala brAhmaNa upaniSad has been gifted to posterity.  
My paramaguru after learning this vidya from his guru 
composed *yajnavAlkya mangaLaM* as thanks giving hymn.
mangaLaM yAjnavalkyAya sUryashiSyAya mangaLaM
mahAmuni hrudaMbhOja saMshayAditya rUpiNE
kAtyAyanyAcha maitrEyyA sahitAyAstu mangaLaM
shiSya sanmArga paTavE sadAnandAya mangaLaM
jIvanmukti pradAyAstu jIvanmuktAya mangaLaM
pravartakAya shuklaska yajurAmnAya mangaLaM
dharmAcharaNashIlAya dharmarUpAya mangaLaM
paradharma upadESTrEtE nirliptAyAstu mangaLaM


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