[Advaita-l] Vedas-Apourusheya-Faith or Logic(continued)

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Sun Jul 8 06:26:53 CDT 2012

(Continued from-7-7-2012)
7.The form (rupa) change from time to time.Therefore,the Mimamsakas answer to this Objection that the 'Laukika padas"(worldly words)change.But,the Vedic words((Veda pada)donot change.They have remained the same from generations.
8.Along with the "Rukkus"of the vedas,there are names of "Rishis".Therefore, the "Rukkus"created by them cannot be permanent.
For this objection,the Ninansakas answer that :The "Rukkus"are not created by the "Rishis".They are not the "Drastaras names"of them.They are "sarvanamas".Vishwamitra is not an historical person."Vishwamitra"means the friend of all.Since,the "Sarvanamas"donot have,Time(kala),space(desha) and count(sankya),they are free from these "Upadhi'(adjuncts).,they are "nitya"(permanent).
9.Prabhakara Mishra says,since the "Laukika Vakya"are not "Svatah pramans"they cannot be known by other "pramanas".Kumarila Bhatta joins them in the "Shabdha Pramana"and says that "If the "Kartru"is their "Apta"they also have "Svatah Pramana".Kumarila Bhatta,also accepts that the "veda vakyas"are "Nirupadhika"(without adjuncts),there is no
difference of opinion between Prabhakara Mishra and Kumarila Bhatta.

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