[Advaita-l] Is this really in the 'Manu-smRti'?

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> The brahmin will tell the sudra that the proper conduct for him is to serve
> the
> three varnas above him. Is that right?

That depends. If a person accepts validity of veda-s, then he will go along
the path described.
If he has no faith in veda-s, etc. and is overcomed by ignorance, lust and
greed, then he will not.

> What will he tell the world population -
> that all of them should serve Hindus?

Why are you becoming furious over which is never said ?

> When are we going to wake up from our pipe dreams and realize that the
> the days for the revival of sikhas and tretagnis are over centuries back.

Even then you must realize that it is not extinct yet.

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