[Advaita-l] Is this really in the 'Manu-smRti'?

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> Why are you becoming furious over which is never said ?
> > When are we going to wake up from our pipe dreams and realize that the
> > the days for the revival of sikhas and tretagnis are over centuries back.
> >
> Even then you must realize that it is not extinct yet.
> RV: In one conversation, Sringeri Acharya says that Veda dharma will not
perish. He argues that Kalki Bhagavan will appear in the family of Brahmins
towards the end of Kali Yuga. This shows that there will be at least one
line of Brahmanas pure enough to have the Lord appear as their son. Even
today, there are temples in every country. ISKCON is a good example of one
person, without any explicit magical powers,  set up 108 temples around the
world in 12 years. There are many positive role models. We should focus on
protecting vaidhika dharma to our capacity instead of worrying about the
results. In no way, other professions are better than that of a vaidhika
well done. Vaidhika Brahmanas just need to get physically fit and
attractive. They have intelligence and money does come.

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