[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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Fri Jul 13 05:01:51 CDT 2012

Hare Krishna

The investiture of the thread ceremony to the person contrary to
his Svadharma is like the Guru in this case the invigilator, giving
the 8th std paper to 10th std student and the student writing it well.

>  I'd like to see this in a different way, here guru who knows the 
'extra' skill, shraddha, bhakti in his 10th std. pupil would not hesitate 
to give him the XII std. paper.  Here the guru 'knows' what his shishya 
capable of and accordingly initiate him.  His pUrvajanma saMskAra and 
ofcourse 'prArabdha' of that shishya may also play an important role to 
determine his new role.  The story of shishunALa shareefa, a poet & saint 
from Karnataka comes to my mind, his guru, Sri gOvinda bhatta did not 
hesitate to make his muslim shishya, a brAhmin.   Anyway, this should not 
set as a precedence as against the existing rules and regulations of our 
shAstra. But exceptional cases like this cannot be ruled out completely 
because it has been done with a spirit of noble purpose by the teachers 
who were ready to face the consequences. 

Bhagavad Gita clearly explains about one's Svadharma. Gita furthers
says Paradharmo Bhaya vahaha, it means there is the possibility of
contrary results. There can be no exception granted to the Dharma
Shastra. Shastra means the Veda, vedangas and includes the smritis.

>  Yes, there is nothing that can supersede the ultimate pramANa i.e. 
shAstra, but you can see the exceptions in mahAbhArata itself!! for 
example, vidhura, a dAsi pUtra, shUdra supposed to be a servant, was an 
advisor to the royal council which was full of brAhmaNa, kshatriya etc. 
Here again, pUrva janma saMskAra and sAdhana makes him a jnAni and could 
sit on par with other superiors. 

   The crux of Coimbatore speech is that the Jagadguru is being asked
by various people to write a new Dharma Shastra for which Jagadguru
replies that he cannot rewrite the Dharma Shastras. 

>  but instead to asking Mr. Paul Brunton to go back to his country and 
follow his 'svadharma', H.H. asked him to meet ramaNa maharshi why??  The 
answer lies in the personal interaction between a jnAni and sAdhaka and 
that guru knows what would be the 'samskAra' of that sAdhaka & his 

>  while on the subject, I would like to say, our list member Sri 
Shivashankara prabhuji (erstwhile Mr. Stig Lundgren) can be considered as 
an exceptional case considering his shraddha, bhakti in hindu culture & 
rituals.  And if I remembered right, I had met one of his friends Mr. 
Martin (??, who accompanied him to India tour, whom I met with Sri 
shivashankara prabhuji) has been initiated by Sri Rangapriya swamiji, a 
shAstra vetta in Sri vaishNava saMpradAya and taught him the hayagreeva 
upAsana.  Sri shiva shankara prabhuji would give more details.  Again, 
another case of exception, unhesitatingly done by the saMpradAyavida!!

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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