[Advaita-l] Hindu conversions - related web link

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Fri Jul 13 13:46:43 CDT 2012

Gone through the link.  
AFAIK, vrAtyastOma is performed for *patita-sAvitrikAn* ie., when the brAhmaNAs down
the 3 generations have failed to perform sandhyAvandana and agnihOtra, the 3rd generation becomes a *patita-brAhmaNa* or *patita-sAvritikA*.  So, if such a 
person wants to perform vaidika karmakANDa, he has to undergo this rite called
This is what i understood from the pAraskara gruhya sUtra which mentions about this
stOma (trr-puruSan patita-sAvritrikAn apatyE saMskAra na adhyApanaM).
Corrections are welcome.

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