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Sriram - PraNAms
There is a homam that is performed for converting a non-Hindu to Hindu. We are in the process of developing a website www.becomeahindu for those who are interested - this is to counter the process of other trying to conver Hindus into their religions. At this stage we are not interested in the debate of pros and cons but only a procedure that one can follow. Currently we want the person to know some minimum things about Hinduism and take a test after reading the supplied material and perhaps take a naaman and peform the homam mentioned above to be certified as a Hindu by a priest of a temple. 
Hari oM!
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Subject: [Advaita-l] Hindu conversions - related web link

>Gone through the link.  
>AFAIK, vrAtyastOma is performed for *patita-sAvitrikAn* ie., when the brAhmaNAs down
>the 3 generations have failed to perform sandhyAvandana and agnihOtra, the 3rd generation becomes a *patita-brAhmaNa* or *patita-sAvritikA*.  So, if such a 
>person wants to perform vaidika karmakANDa, he has to undergo this rite called
>This is what i understood from the pAraskara gruhya sUtra which mentions about this
>stOma (trr-puruSan patita-sAvritrikAn apatyE saMskAra na adhyApanaM).
>Corrections are welcome.
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