[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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Mon Jul 16 11:47:00 CDT 2012

From: Vidyasankar Sundaresan <svidyasankar at hotmail.com>
>Meanwhile, the gentleman whose personal instance sparked this round of
>discussion is maintaining a dignified silence while many are holding forth
>on generalities. Let me just conclude by saying that I admire his titikshA
>on this matter on our list!
PraNams to all
I fully concur with Shree Vidyasankar's assessment. I met this gentleman that is being referred to in person and spent several days discussing with him on Advaita Vedanata, and enjoyed his hospitality and the sat sangh. 
Just recently I have received few requests from non-Hindu born vedantic students that they want to become Hindus and inquiring if there a process for conversion. It is easy to say no entry. On the other hand, there are aggressive efforts to convert the so-called Hindu born to other religions by their proponents. That by itself does not bother me, but these converts are abusing and trying to destroy the cultural heritage of Hindus do affect me. 
One can sit down and talk about sampradaaya system and conversion is asampradaayic etc but in the process we have to watch ourselves socially and politically being destroyed - with complete reverse discrimination at its fullest extent. What are we doing about it? Yes we have started a poor Brahman student hostel for meritorious students who are being deprived of education to survive because of current social order and practices. The hostel has been running for the past 25yrs now. Srigeri mutt has comeforward to help the Brahmin brahmachari student to do vedadhyayanam before the embark the other studies. This may be insignificant in terms of the opposing forces operating, but a positive step to solve a problem than discuss extensively on the asampradaayic methods that are being adopted.
It is very easy to talk of sampradaya and rules and regulations - but is very difficult to ask ourselves what are we doing to preserve these in view of on-slaught of aggressive religious conversions by others. In India a maid came to work for us. Her name was Ganga and she introduced her son as Daniel. So we had to meet gangaputra Deniel. 
Hence we are starting a website http://www.becomeahindu/ trying to develop a methodology to convert 1. Hindus to Hindus and 2. The so-called non-Hindus to Hindus. If anyone wants to help us please contact me in private. Of course you can discuss all you want that our approach is asampradaayic etc. Lot of talk but most of it meaningless. We are strictly following our guru’s vision. If it is asampradaaya – let that be – in the process we are happy to create new sampradaaya, if that is really asampradaayik. 
Hari Om!

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