[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

Rajaram Venkataramani rajaramvenk at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 00:47:15 CDT 2012

On Monday, July 16, 2012, praveen kumar wrote:

> Sri Venkataramani,
> Forget about Bhavishya purana,mahabharata time there were
> mlechchas.Yavanas,Hunas,Kiratas
> They all came for mahabharata war
> They were all mlechchas.There was also a mlechcha basha.

RV:  mlechchas, yavanas etc. exist and participated in Mahabharatha. But
the very fact that Bhishma fought with them should tell us they were
Kshatriyas. He did not fight Sikhandi as he was not a kshatriya male. Our
ancients ruled the whole world and when good Kshatriyas lost out we had
degradation of dharma. If India continues like this, it will lose its
dharma core also. Until now, people follow jati dharma and kula dharma to
some extent in India. When Govt. tried to destroy Ramar Sethu, 165 jatis in
Rameshwaram district united to protect it because that was their jati and
kula dharma. Dr. Kalyan, Dr. Subrahmanian Swamy were enablers and helped
the legal process more than ground level movement. Our jati institution is
essential to protection of our tradition. I am a strong believer in jati,
not in the fanatic sense that some Brahmins and Parayas do but as Arjuna
sys jati dharma kula dharma sanatana: I recognise the relationship between
varna, jati and kula but don't want to replace varna dharma with jati
dharma as you do. New jatis  come and existing jatis change varna. We lose
our varna status by not following varna dharma though we may retail jati

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