[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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Dear Sri Bhaskar, 

As you know, apparent differences in scriptures have to be reconciled based on the rules of interpretation. As long as we see a pot, we have to know its source. If I say pot comes from clay, pot comes from potter, pot comes from wheel and pot comes from hand, you will not be confused as you know how to reconcile. If there are thousand causes for a pot, you won't worry about reconciliation as you know it is beyond your mind. But you will not say that the pot evolved from sand. It is the same that has to be done for the creation of the universe. Is it not? It was created is the vaidhika view. 

If you understand that pot, in reality, does not exist but only clay then you will see the statements about creation of pot as illustrative leading to the eternal truth clay. Please correct me if you think my head is full of clay :)

Best Regards
Rajaram Venkataramani

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If you don't accept the vaidhika view of creation

Hare Krishna

Which vaidhika view of creation I have to accept??  taitereeya, which says 
annAt purushaH, or prashna which says sa prANAmasrujata, praNAt shraddhAM, 
khaM etc., or Itareya which says Atman alone in the beginning, he thought 
let me create the worlds, then he created ambhas and mareechies, mara & 
ApaH etc. which one?? or do you want me to go by what shankara says on 
kArika 3-15, that says the creation which is taught in various ways by 
means of illustrations like that of clay, metal and sparks is ONLY a 
device for the purpose of leading the mind to the truth, there is no 
diversity on any account ...Please tell me do you still want me to do the 
investigation whether the  brAhmaNa  varNa come from mukha which is 
without chakshu, becaise from eyes sUrya is born (chakshOsUryOajayata) and 
from the same mukha, indra & agni have also born ( 
mukhAdindrashchAgnischa, prANAdvAyurajAyata) so who come first from 
purusha's mukha?? indra, agni or brAhmaNa varNa?? and where from yama 
dharma rAja originated etc. ?? 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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