[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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Dear All,

1.In response to Shri R Venkataramani, those outside of chaturvarna were mentioned by Kanchi Paramacharya (including terms as Europeans, Panchamas, etc); Mahabharata mentions tribals, one of the Alwars in SriVaishnava tradition was a Panchama, ManuSmriti also lists it. I remember asking Shri Anand Hudli on this list on how to do Navaratri Puja and he provided reference from Dharma Sindhu based on varna and those outside of chaturvarna on how to perform puja. Also by looking at horoscope it may be that father and son's varna are different and also may not reflect one's perceived guna or actual guna for that matter. The SriVaishnava alwars were in many ways "more dharmic" than Rishis based on events. This is not be offensive to Rishis as there was probably a purpose behind certain acts. Despite that,alwars without adhikara did not transgress varna dharma and they had sattvik guna. 2.I found these links useful to the current
 discussion: www.ramanuja.org/sv/bhakti/archives/jul98/0043.html andwww.ramanuja.org/sv/bhakti/archives/jul98/0044.html  
3.Now Jaldhar had mentioned that not all Hindus are saints and not all Westerners are monsters if we were to by the misbelief that Brahmin = Good and Non-Brahmin=Bad. My question is that why based on prior karmas with predominance of Sattvik guna leads to a Braahmana janma and yet a person may not only live up the ideals of varna but may depict actions that are contrary to it. Is there an Advaitic explanation ?

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