[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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Dear Sri Sadananda
My best wishes.My cook here also goes by the name Lakshmi but believe me she 
is a christian convert.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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>>Meanwhile, the gentleman whose personal instance sparked this round of
>>discussion is maintaining a dignified silence while many are holding forth
>>on generalities. Let me just conclude by saying that I admire his titikshA
>>on this matter on our list!
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> PraNams to all
> I fully concur with Shree Vidyasankar's assessment. I met this gentleman 
> that is being referred to in person and spent several days discussing with 
> him on Advaita Vedanata, and enjoyed his hospitality and the sat sangh.
> Just recently I have received few requests from non-Hindu born vedantic 
> students that they want to become Hindus and inquiring if there a process 
> for conversion. It is easy to say no entry. On the other hand, there are 
> aggressive efforts to convert the so-called Hindu born to other religions 
> by their proponents. That by itself does not bother me, but these converts 
> are abusing and trying to destroy the cultural heritage of Hindus do 
> affect me.
> One can sit down and talk about sampradaaya system and conversion is 
> asampradaayic etc but in the process we have to watch ourselves socially 
> and politically being destroyed - with complete reverse discrimination at 
> its fullest extent. What are we doing about it? Yes we have started a poor 
> Brahman student hostel for meritorious students who are being deprived of 
> education to survive because of current social order and practices. The 
> hostel has been running for the past 25yrs now. Srigeri mutt has 
> comeforward to help the Brahmin brahmachari student to do vedadhyayanam 
> before the embark the other studies. This may be insignificant in terms of 
> the opposing forces operating, but a positive step to solve a problem than 
> discuss extensively on the asampradaayic methods that are being adopted.
> It is very easy to talk of sampradaya and rules and regulations - but is 
> very difficult to ask ourselves what are we doing to preserve these in 
> view of on-slaught of aggressive religious conversions by others. In India 
> a maid came to work for us. Her name was Ganga and she introduced her son 
> as Daniel. So we had to meet gangaputra Deniel.
> Hence we are starting a website http://www.becomeahindu/ trying to develop 
> a methodology to convert 1. Hindus to Hindus and 2. The so-called 
> non-Hindus to Hindus. If anyone wants to help us please contact me in 
> private. Of course you can discuss all you want that our approach is 
> asampradaayic etc. Lot of talk but most of it meaningless. We are strictly 
> following our guru’s vision. If it is asampradaaya – let that be – in the 
> process we are happy to create new sampradaaya, if that is really 
> asampradaayik.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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