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> 1)
> Nowhere it is said that Ahlya was kamatura.She was the victim of Indra's passion.
Ahalya was knowing Indra was in disguise and came to enjoy her. In
this intimate matter of husband wife relations the wife can
immediately feel and detect some body not her husband. Indra can be in
disguise but how can he exactly act like Gautama in this act. Every
man has different taste and different style. He will do something like
Indra but not Gautama.
> 2)
> Vali's wife did not have to protect the rights of Angada as Lord Ram already assured that Angad would succeed Sugriva. Moreover there were other Taras such as Brihaspatiu's wife and Harischnadra's wife, who also had the name Tara.Brihaspati's wife was victim of Chandra's passion.
Vali's wife Tara did no wrong. In Treta Yuga and other Yugas a man can
take his dead brother's wife. It is allowed. But in Kali Yuga it is
not allowed.

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