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Namaste Sri Vidyasankar

A request.

Some artificial imaginary line has been drawn between Vedanta and
Sacred Sexuality in this list. But there is no line like this in our
scriptures. This is the effect of Britishers and Muslim invaders
thinking on Indian minds. In Bruhadaranyaka Upanishad 6-4 many details
of Sacred Sexuality are given.  It is equal to Vajapeya Yaga. We
should not be influenced by foreign thinking in this subject. We
should not behave artificially.

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>> It was consensual sex between Indra and Ahalya.
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> Moderator note 1: Can we please keep to the focus of this list? There are
> multiple versions of the story of Ahalya, with multiple nuances. As far as
> general Hinduism is concerned, hers is a legend that will resonate with
> new meanings for as long as men and women live on earth. If you are
> interested in reading more, there is an excellent write-up at
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahalya.
> However, this list was NOT set up to discuss purANic legendary accounts,
> NOR was it meant to enter into discussions of sexuality in relation to the
> sacred. Ours is a list with a philosophical focus on advaita vedAnta. The
> responsibility is on EACH list member to keep it that way. Yes, there is a
> place for sex and human relationships in each person's religious life, but
> if sexual behavior, societal norms etc become one's preoccupation, then
> Advaita-L is not the forum for conducting a discussion. There are any
> number of other online forums to ask these questions and discuss the
> responses.
> Moderator note 2: Please keep discussion topics within their proper thread
> headers. Do not mix up between two different ongoing threads.
> Vidyasankar
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