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> If Ahlya also sought Indra then where was theĀ  need for Indra to come in disguise. Have you thought about it ?Indra was aot a human being like you and me. I believe that the devas do have the capability to disguise. If Ahlya too knowingly abetted the adultery then she would been called a Kultaa or promiscuous woman and she would not have been listed among the Panchakahyas.

Of the Sapta Rishi wives Ahalya is not equal to Arundhati. Vasistha's
wife Arundhati is the best Pativrata. The goddess Svaha could not
imitate her and use her disguise. There is a story of Fire God Agni
and Svaha.

Agni was mad in love with the Seven Rishi's wives. But he could not do
anything. Goddess Svaha was madly in love with Agni. But Agni did not
want Svaha. Svaha thought of a plan. She went to Agni in the disguise
of Rishi wives one by one. She went to him six times. Agni was fooled
and he thought real Rishi wife has come to him. He made love to each
Rishi wife.  He discharged the seed but Svaha took it in her hands.
Then she put it on top of the mountain. She did this six times for the
six wives of the Rishis. But she could not disguise herself as
Arundhati because she was the most powerful Pativrata. The seed of
Agni became a boy. This boy is god Skanda. People suspected he was
born from the six wives of Rishis because they saw Svaha in disguise
six times. The six Rishis got very upset with the wives and divorced
them. Arundhati the great Pativrata stayed with her husband Rishi
Vasistha. The six wives went to Skanda and prayed to him to take them
to heaven. He did that. Then Svaha came to Skanda and prayed to him to
make her always live with Agni. Skanda gave her a great boon. When the
Brahmins offer into Agni something in the Homa they will always say
'Svaha'. Svaha became united with Agni. He accepted her.

Even now the Saptarshi stars are seen in the sky with one more star
Arundhati. She faithfully follows her husband Vasistha. In marriages
the bridegroom will show the Saptarshis and Arundhhati star to the
bride and tell her to be like Arundhati and stay with husband always.

The story is showing Svaha went in Ahalya's disguise to Agni but she
could not do it with Arundhati. Arundhati is greater Pativrata than
Ahalya. She should be in the Pancha Kanya list but why she is not

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