[Advaita-l] : Sankhya and Yoga can give Moksha?

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> Dear Sri S.Jayanarayanan
> If one behaves according to the dharma of their body will it not mean that
> there is identification of athma as a dhehi ?
> I think better it is if said that dharma of their ashram.R.Krishnamoorthy.


I reproduce a part of an old post (4.2.2011) of mine in this forum:

//(27-28) S'rî Parîkshit said: 'To establish the dharma and to subdue the
ones defiant, descended indeed He, the Supreme Lord, the Controller of the
Universe with His plenary portion [Balarâma]; how could He, the original
speaker, executor and protector of the codes of moral conduct, behave to
the contrary o brahmin, touching the wives of others? (29) What did He, so
self-satisfied, have in mind with this assuredly contemptible performance,
o best of the vowed, please dispel our doubt about this.' (30) S'rî S'uka
said:* 'The transgression of dharma and thoughtlessness, as can be seen
with controllers of spiritual potency, does not, as with an all-consuming
fire [staying the same], mean they are at fault.*

*(31) Someone not in control sure mustn't even think of ever doing a thing
like this; such a one, acting out of foolishness, would be destroyed like
one not being Rudra would be with [drinking] the poison from the ocean [see
8.7]. *

(32) True are the words of the ones in control [with the Lord, with
themselves] and what they do should by people of intelligence [only]
sometimes be performed, *doing of them that which is in accord with what
they said [see also B.G. e.g. 3: 6-7, 3:42, 5:7].*

[The above conversation occurs in the Canto of the Bhagvatam where the Rasa
Krida is described]

So the message of the above is: It is best for one to do in accordance with
what the Jnani teaches/instructs and NOT indiscriminately follow everything
that a Jnani might *do.T*here is a saying: 'Do as I say 'do' ; do not do as
I do.'  This caveat is always to be remembered when the advice on
shreshthAcharaNa anusaraNa is considered.

The references of the Bhagavatam are 10.33.29 and 10.33.30.

*dharmavyatikramo dR^iShTa* IshvarANAM cha sAhasam
tejIyasAM na doShAya vahneH sarvabhujo yathA

naitatsamAcharejjAtu manasApi hyanIshvaraH
vinashyatyAcharanmauDhyAdyathArudro.abdhijaM viSham //

Shankaracharya is held in great regard by both sannyasins and others.  Both
categories of these people cannot and do not and need not do everything
Shankara did. By that count Shankara does not cease to  be an ideal.

Lord Krishna is IshTadevatA for a number of Sannyasin-Acharyas of our
parampara.  Madusudana Saraswati, AchyutakrishnAnanda Tirtha
(VanamAlA,etc.), etc.  Also Krishna is the upAsya devatA for many
non-sannyasin aastika-s too.  Both these categories of people cannot, do
not, need not and should not do everything Krishna did.  By this much
Krishna does not become unfit to be the Ideal.

The essence of the Bhagavatam verses quoted above is only this. Such Great
Ones do not become affected by their actions, of whatever nature.


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