[Advaita-l] : Sankhya and Yoga can give Moksha?

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Fri Jun 15 04:19:24 CDT 2012

Such Great Ones do not become affected by their actions, of whatever 

Hare Krishna

Alongwith these lines, the additional note that we have to keep is, the 
jnAni does not engage himself in doing any dharma bAhira / shAstra 
viruddha activities just because he has realized that he is  neither katru 
nor bhoktru.  shankara clarifies this in sUtra/shruti bhAshya somewhere, 
yathA kAmitvaM tu vidushO atyantaM aprAptaM because atyanta 
avivekanimittaM yathAkAmitvaM clarifies shankara.  So, jnAni though is 
paramArtha jnAni and no rules like vidhi / nishedha restricts him, he 
never ever violates the prakruti dharma in general, his/her Ashrama dharma 
in particular.  Because he is the role model, whatever he does, mass will 
follow it.  yad yadAcharati shreshtaH....sa yat pramANam kurute 
lOkastadanuvartate clarifies lord in geeta.  If that is not the case and 
if the jnAni is under the delusion that whatever action he does is okay 
for him & expects lOka also to accept it any reservation, then a famous 
swamy in Bengaluru would not have to sit behind the bars today :-)) BTW, 
his shishya-s and Apta-s still arguing that this swamy is 'shreshTa' and 
is beyond any gender (neither man nor woman sort of things, perhaps they 
are pointing out that he is Atma svarUpa :-) so he is entitle to do 
anything :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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