[Advaita-l] Advaita-l] Apoureshyatva - Faith or Logic?

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On Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 12:58 AM, kman <krismanian at gmail.com> wrote:

> Even scintific discoveries are also apurusheya only, for example
> "Garavity" even before it was discovered, it was there all along.

It appears that you are not saying that discovery is an act. You are
talking about discovered things. That's true. But, why go that much ? Even
things which are not discovered are not man made. Start from earth,
universe, flowers, etc.
But, this is not what is meant by apauruSheyatva of veda-s.
Then ?
Whenever we talk about apauruSheyatva(un-authored-ness) of specific
shabda-s, called veda-s, then we mean that it is not uttered without
hearing similar shabda.
For example, when you utter a sentence which was said by kAlidAsa in his
work, then you don't become it's author. So, we say that whoever utttered
veda-s did it after hearing it from others. So, no one is it's author.

> is what I think is meant when they say Vedanta is apurusheya. The
> concept is eternally true.

Concept is not veda. veda-s are words. So, what you say is not the
apauruSheyatva discussed in scriptures. It is a new personalized version.

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