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>The apoureshaya jnana remians before all poureshaya jnana and also after that.In >this sense it is widely different from modern scientific knowledge.
>sudhakar kabra

Even scintific discoveries are also apurusheya only, for example
"Garavity" even before it was discovered, it was there all along. That
is what I think is meant when they say Vedanta is apurusheya. The
concept is eternally true.

No. this is not the correct interpretation of vedas as apaurusheya.
1.Scientific discoveries are at a certain point of time but vedas are anadi and has no begining.
2. Gravity since the discovery by Newton has undergone many scientific modification / subtle changes. Since discovered by man, it is bound to have flaws but this is not the case with vedas.
RegardsSudhakar Kabra

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