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There is no prayoga to convert one from one varna to another,neither there
is a prayoga to
induct to sanatana dharma from other religions let this be clear from
dharma shastra point of view.

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> Subject: [Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??
> Namaste,
> What is the definition of a mlEccha and re all westerners mlEcchAs ?  Need
> to be careful in categorizing.
> Actually, that westerner who approached the Acharya was bent upon
> establishing a church in Sringeri and hence the teaching was directed to
> him alone.  It was this orthodox peeTa which is responsible for
> reconverting  couple of *mlEcchAs* into hindufold under the supervision of
> vidyAraNya namely harihararAya & bukkarAya.
> So, *lOkOyaM bhAratavarSaH* says the amarakOsa.   If one possess the grand
> & noble vision of sloka *mAtA cha pArvati dEvO pitA dEvO mahEshwaraH /
> bAndhavAH shivabhaktAscha swadEshO bhuvanatrayaM*, one can take the
> westerners into the hindu fold.  Once they come into our fold, they become
> *shUdrAs*.  Let they undergo shUdra saMskAra as per shUdra kamalAkara
> mayUkha.
> Not to nitpick, why then chaNDI yAgAs & rudrahOmAs are being conducted in
> *mlEccha dEsAs* now with the approval of current acharya?  Why then vEda
> mantrAs are chanted
> loudly in loudspeakers when shUdrAs are not entitled to listen to them.
> That aside, most of the westerners are extremely far better than some of
> the half-baked
> hindus who boast of their heritage & culture and never care for sanAtana
> dharma.
> You know there is a saying in telugu and the true translation of that in
> english is
> *my grandfathers consumed lots of ghee; if you want to test, come and
> smell my palm".
> This is how our so-called brahmins have become.
> regs,
> sriram
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