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On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 10:37 PM, praveen kumar <drpraveenks at gmail.com>wrote:

> There is no prayoga to convert one from one varna to another,neither there
> is a prayoga to
> induct to sanatana dharma from other religions let this be clear from
> dharma shastra point of view.

That's correct.
But, I didn't hider because I think they were talking about hindu-s in
general and not about vaidika-s(although they used the term vaidika). And
hindus consists of Arya-samAja, tAntrika-s, etc.
Their point of view shows that they have impressions of tAntrika-s and
others but not of vaidika-s.
In this way they have no right to use word vaidika or talk about varNa-s.
But, they are giving vyavasthA about varNa-s based on their wish and not
So, as long as they are talking and doing without having support of
shAstra-s, they are not going to benefit themselves and their followers.
In a way they are bringing veda and it's dharma to level of
bauddha, etc. were refuted by mImAMsaka-s as the pramANa for their system,
buddha and his words, were shown to have not possessing any instrument or
base to know alaukika things(dharma and brahman). So is view of sadAnanda,
shrIrAma, etc. till they find anything solid to support their view.
sadAnanda's writing have shown to us that he doesn't accept varNa by birth.
So he had made clear that he is not following smArtta-tradition,
pUrva-mImAMsa and prasiddhi.

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