[Advaita-l] Why should Brahman be without form or attributes?

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Tue Jun 26 20:12:05 CDT 2012

On Mon, 18 Jun 2012, ramesam vemuri wrote:

> 4.  Nirguna as a "concept" is totally dispensable for Advaita because 
> Advaita is beyond all 'concepts.'
> 5.  Any attribute that we can think of ascribing to a thing  depends on 
> any of our sensory or mental perceptions (i.e. concepts developed on the 
> basis of the five senses and mind). But what is indicated by Brahman is 
> beyond the senses and mind. It cannot be 'effed.' So It is said to be 
> Ineffable.  It follows from the above that concepts like 'maya, avidya 
> etc.' are in fact dispensable in Advaita - they are merely explanatory 
> artifacts to satisfy a curious mind. Hence Brahman is said to be 
> Indescribable.

It would be fair to say such concepts are dispensable if Advaita Vedanta 
were only a theory of metaphysics.  But it also aims to be a practical 
method for overcoming delusion.  Hence maya etc. are necessary for the 
mind (not just the curious mind) to overcome its instinctive duality.

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