[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 4:58 AM, Krunal Makwana <makwanakb at googlemail.com>wrote:

> With all due respect Sri lalitAlAlitaH, who are you to question his Guru
> and how much he knows about shastra? Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi knew squat
> about shastra but wasn't he realised didn't he not know the science of
> advaita?

So are you going to preach not to learn shAstra-s to have advaita-GYAna ?
Again, what is opposed is conversion and deciding varNa on base of wish.
Nothing more.

> Does the authenticity of being pure have to be stamped by your
> pure self before we accept them as authoritive.

Purity is not the single thing which I asked  for. It is enough knowledge
of scriptures.
How could a person who doesn't know about a system through scriptures can
decide anything for people's varNa, etc. ?

> > According to sha~Nkara and others the injunctions of shAstra-s are left
> > away and opposed views are followed only when one is tainted with kAma,
> > which expresses itself in many ways.
> Shankara entered into a women's body to experience the science of love, he
> performed the final rites of his mother. Will you class these actioned
> tainted with kAma?

So, do you expect all saMnyAsin-s to follow that ? sha~Nkara is no greater
than veda-s and dharma-shAstra-s. What he did was his decision. If his
followers can support that, let them do so according to shAstra-s. If they
can't, why do you expect from me to accept that as a general rule ?

> If so your fundamental belief system in advaita is
> rocked to the core as the very person you rest on is flawed.

Read again my posts. I'm not believer of a person, including sha~Nkara. I'm
faithful to scriptures and it's explanations which are without errors.

> Even Adi
> Shankara wasn't stupid to follow the scriptures and law blindly. He used
> his intelligence and heart to make decisions, though he venerated and
> followed the vedic texts diligently he was not afraid to divert where he
> thought necessary and we should learn from that too.

Here we differ. We hold that he took decisions according to shAstra-s.
Whatever was not in accordance with shAstra-s is not respected by me. So
say our AchArya-s :

यान्यनवद्यानि कर्माणि । तानि सेवितव्यानि । नो इतराणि । यान्यस्माकं
सुचरितानि । तानि त्वयोपास्यानि ।। नो इतराणि ।

>  > It is now a custom to ignore violations of shAstra-s by insiders of
> > hinduism, because in a way or other they are helping hindu community,
> > either by teaching world about us or by bringing money, etc.
> > Checking violators is now a dangerous thing and in many ways impractical.
> > It needs enough courage too
> I apologise again in advance, but where does this madness end?

Revealing reality is quite painful for many. But, closing eyes is not a

> You are now
> questioning the actions of an AcArya, what qualifications do you hold to
> question and disrespect the actions of a present AcArya who himself is the
> embodiment of Adi saMkara, who I mentioned earlier violated rules in his
> time.

Leave talks about my qualifications. Just try to test validity of my
Because if I start asking for the same in reply, talk will never be able to

> After a complete blow of the AcArya, establishing everything against your
> views as funadmentally nAstika,

belittling someones guru, you don't want to
> hurt someones feelings, i frankly find it too late and insincere.

Actually, I didn't invite him to get hurt. I was not talking about specific
person. But, he took my words for himself.

 Though I agree Vedic dharma fundamentally has to be intact including that
> of the advaitic position, we have to move with the times,

Get out of your confusion. You say intact and then suggest improvements !!
What is this ?
Either accept as it is or leave the whole ? There is no half egg- half hen.

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