[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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> > What is the definition of a mlEccha and re all westerners
> > mlEcchAs ?  Need to be careful in categorizing.
> Sriram - PraNams
> We are trying to develop a website www.becomeahindu where one who wants to
> become a Hindu has to study some information provided and take a on-line
> exam and become eligible to become a Hindu. There will be instuctions to do
> homam at the nearest Hindu Temple and do nama karaNam as per Hindu
> Tradition, if one wants. An appropriate certificate is rovided once. This
> is also - to convert to so called HinduWs to become Hindus - exposure to
> minimum understanding of the tenents of Hinduism along with the respect for
> our scriptures, The Vedas.
> What varna should he belong - we leave it to him to decided based on GuNa
> and/or Karma.
> If anyone interested in helping in the development of the website, he can
> contact me privately.
> RV: you can also use astrology to decide varna. All people in the world
> have to belong to one of the four Varnas only because that is what the Lord
> created. If one does follow his varna dhama, he becomes a panchama. The
> sishya will belong to the gotra of the guru, I suppose.

Varna dharma is like genetics, highly mathematical. I don't know how to
upload to the site but anyone can work it out. Manu gives 7 generation rule
for anuloma and pratiloma marriages. You can calculate and see why. Let us
say Parent 1 has a proportion of sattva (60), rajas (30) and tamas (10) and
 Parent 2 has a different proportion of sattva (10), rajas (40) and tamas
(50), the offspring will have sattva (35), rajas (35) and tamas (30). This
is a new jati and if he marries in to one of his parent's jati member - say
Parent 1  - his offspring will have sattva (47.5), rajas (32.5) and tamas
(40). If his offspring continues to marry in to Parent 1's jati for seven
gnerations, his proportion at the end of the seventh generation will be
sattva (60), rajas (30) and tamas (10)! This works for any starting

I think knowing one's varna will help everyone though there I no becoming
Hindu as every one is. Helping with the site is no problem but I want to be
sure my self that I am not violating sastras explicitly.

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