[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

amith vikram vikram.amith at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 02:12:45 CDT 2012

'In kaliyuga the shudras will teach the brahmanas'

I hope my bit on this will not discourage anyone. It is a fact that only a
tiny portion of the vaidik sampradaya is in practise today. Today's
relegion is eating at McDonalds, watching TV, researching on the internet,
aspiring to buy an apartment or a car and so on. Sampradaya and samskara
lies in practise. To that extent, it is hard to find a brahmana who could
practise solely the vaidik sampradaya. As far as shudras are concerned,
they can't become or follow a brahmana. I am not saying this but the
shastras. It is clearly stated in the bhagavad gita - one should do his
karma according to his birth even though it has flaws -  never should he
move away from his karma - That said, in the same gita it is also said -
Moksha can be attained even by shudras and women -

I can cite a very good example of an american, franklin merell wolf who
achieved the highest goal any brahmana can achieve without converting,
without chanting any verses, just by shravana, manana and nidhidhyasa. In
contrast I see many white folks dressed in orange robes in some of the
supposed ashrams chanting mantras which sound ridiculous. It's not just the
question of western people, even in india, these days women want to do
everything that men do. I think in talkad, near mysore, there are priests
who are shudras.

Even for a brahmana there are like thousands of injunctions - should only
sit facing certain directions, should get up at certain times, should wear
certain type of clothes, etc. Honouring the words of elders is also a part
of sat-sampradaya. Some people are of the opinion that when a person says -
this should not be done- they are actually discriminating and they are
branded as fundamentalists, arrogants, ignorants. When a father scolds his
child is he being rude or has the best interest of the child? Some people
cite the examples of jabala and valmiki. Let me cite another instance in
history - Rama punished the shudras severely for studying the vedas. And
both jabala and valmiki were actually brahmanas. In future I suppose veda
vyasa will be considered as shudra by scholars.

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