[Advaita-l] Brahmin bridegrooms not getting brides *

vijayalakshmi ravindran mamam4 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 22:51:46 CDT 2012

Dear Friends ,

This problem is there in all subjects of Brahmins,Infact Madhwa Swamijis
are openly reaching out the public ,appealing for the girls to get married
to Pandits . Such a sorry state of affairs

As I see the thread is commented by men,its one pointed view.Why women are
not interested in getting into Vedic dharma or Vaidika dharma?
Have you are really pondered on this issue .? Seriously NO.

See all the Mutts , they have gurukulams all over the country only for boys
!!!!Do you find any for girls? I haven't seen any.Esteemed members
please enlighten me if you have seen any .Only one in Pune where they teach
women to do Satyanarayan puja ,Marriage and other functions I have read
about this in The Hindu long ago .why not have such institutions all over
the country?

Yes I understand girls have issues of reaching puberty and become mature
and so the Vedic Dharma says women have to be at home.
Home is where they have to learn. But think and ponder from the age of 5 to
10 can't they be too trained in Vedic dharmic way of life .

Most of the homes do not follow the same pattern of dharmas laid down by
the Shastras too,each household has a different set of rules of rajaswala ,
and other practices . Just like men have a single Sandhyavanadana procedure
according to his Mutt or guru parampara, why not have
a single set of rules to the women folk too , teach the girls young at
least in the summer camps to be arranged by the various mutt branches and
see the difference at least the coming generations will not have to face
this problems.

And the issue of giving importance to the male child, this has taken such a
worse turn that we see the ratios of male : female going so down.Who is the
cause behind this ? PONDER please .I want a male child to continue my
family should stop .Only then there will be more girls in the brahmin
community .

Make a course of study  for them too ,just like Pandits ,so that at least
they do will learn the traditional way the brahminic culture .

Also ,each subsect , or followers of each guru want girls in their own sub
sect language and so on , this also is limiting the choice of the brahmins
to intermarry within the sects, e.g.:This inter marriages between smarthas
and madhwas, vice versa , was going on till recently,now they differences
are so pronounced that they are not willing to take or give girls to other
brahmin sects

Any in most of the cases its the father of the girl who is not interested
in getting his daughter married to the Vedic Brahmana too.

Just blaming the women folk saying they are becoming modern than men is
wrong too.Infact in many homes as wornen we see traditions are kept alive
by the women folk .Even after going to work raising their children,taking
care of their elders and men : many a women are still do their household
pujas like Varalakshmi vratam and Krishna jay anti etc with so much bhakti
and devotion .

I am a lay person in the matters of Dharma and Shastra , but a women,s
point of view is also needed here .

Mrs Vijayalakshmi Ravindran

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> Dear friends,
> Is this a genuine mail from Shri Rajaram or s his id hacked?
> Assuming this to be genuine mail I would advise the Brahmin boys to learn
> Tai Chi rather than Karate. People generally think of Tai Chi more as a
> delicate dance-form with some health benefits. Nothing can be further from
> the truth.  Originally Tai Chi can be said to be from Kanchipuram as Bodhi
> dharma introduced it as a fitness regime in Shaolin and later on a Shaolin
> master converted it to a training system, where students can be trained in
> this deadly self-defence system , which uses the power of the opponent
> against the opponent, while conserving one's own power and yet there is no
> sign of any combat-training..  Tai Chi thus conforms to the Brahmanical
> attitude of non-aggression yet providing a deadly defence so that the
> opponent however powerful would have to eat a humble pie, should he or she
> dare to attack ones knowing tai Chi. The advanced Tai Chi students, who are
> older (say 55+ years), only were taught about the 107 +1 vital points in
> the body
>  and the use of the required Tai Chi movements to reach those points of
> the attacker, should one be attacked. These 108 Vital points were taught by
> Agastya and are also mentioned in the ancient Ayurveda texts. Basically Tai
> Chi is a non-aggressive style and has tremendous health benefits. Further
> being a peaceful method it can be practised anywhere. Once a competition
> was arranged between two Tai Chi masters and the fight never began as none
> of them would strike first. Such is the peaceful stance of Tai-Chi. I
> really enjoy Tai Chi even as a senior citizen.
> This is not in anyway to denigrate the Karata, King-fu and other martial
> arts.
> Regards,
> Sunil KB
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> Subject: Re: [Advaita-l] Brahmin bridegrooms not getting brides
> The solution is exceedingly simple. Brahmin boys should be intelligent in
> managing finances whether they do vaidhika or secular profession. They
> should work out right from school or gurukula days. My karate master
> Shihaan Husseini used to say,"My students should be fit and masters in
> karate like the priest in ashtalaksmi temple". I strongly recommend the
> following for all normal healthy individuals of any age who have doctor's
> permission to exercise.
> 1. https://www.supreme90dayworkout.com/
> 2. http://www.thehourofpower.co.uk/
> The boys should know Kama Shastra before getting married. They should
> abide by dharma like Rama. The daughter-in-law should be treated with
> affection by the patents-in-law. The girls should in their heart of hearts
> accept their in-laws like their own parents.
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