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Respected Lakshmi Ji,
My prostrations to your feet.
Why women are not interested in getting into Vedic dharma or Vaidika dharma?
Have you are really pondered on this issue .? Seriously NO.
Infact, the problem is not with young generation.  The parents should educate them.
Unfortunately, parents themselves are not aware of our dharma shastrAs.
Women are always considered to be a part & parcel of our vaidika dharma.  Which is 
why they are called *saha-dharma-chAriNi*.  At the time of marriage itself, 
women are initiated into *gauri panchAkSari mahAmantra* at the time of gauri pUja 
which is performed prior to muhurta.  
Now, as regards the vedic rights to women, i request you to read the book "Hindu Dharma"
by Kanchi Mahaperiyaval Shri Chandrasekhara Saraswati Swamigal.  A complete chapter
has been dealt with the rights of women right from aupAsana etc.  
Only one in Pune where they teach women to do Satyanarayan puja ,Marriage and other functions I have read about this in The Hindu long ago .why not have such institutions all over the country?
If you know the reason for restricting women from chanting vedas, you too will appreciate 
it which is for their welfare only.  The wrong intonation / chanting of vedas will have adverse
effect.  And woman's body being very delicate, especially the internal organs, they are
not allowed to chant vedic mantras, which would have adverse effect on their health.
Home is where they have to learn. But think and ponder from the age of 5 to
10 can't they be too trained in Vedic dharmic way of life 
Yes why not.  Let the parents of the girl take up the responsibility instead
of watching TV serials, cinemas alongwith their children.  
why not have a single set of rules to the women folk too , teach the girls young at
least in the summer camps to be arranged by the various mutt branches and
see the difference at least the coming generations will not have to face
this problems.
Chinmaya Mission, Ramakrishna Mission & Arsha Vidya Kendras are doing
yeoman service to youngsters with programs like *Bala Vikas* etc.  Let the 
sampradAyavAdis appreciate this noble gesture rather than slinging mud
on them.
And the issue of giving importance to the male child, this has taken such a
worse turn that we see the ratios of male : female going so down.Who is the
cause behind this 
This is a social problem which needs to be tackled at social level like awareness etc.
Also ,each subsect , or followers of each guru want girls in their own sub
sect language and so on , this also is limiting the choice of the brahmins
to intermarry within the sects, e.g.:This inter marriages between smarthas
and madhwas, vice versa , was going on till recently,now they differences
are so pronounced that they are not willing to take or give girls to other
brahmin sects

Kanchi Mahaperiyaval addressed this issue long back and approved this.
The only issue here is *vEda shAkha*.  Suppose i am a krishna yajurvEdi.  
The problem comes when i marry a girl whose parents are rg vedis.
The kanyAdAna, shODasa saMskArAs, sandhyAvandana are different 
which vary from veda shAkha to shAkha. 
Infact in many homes as wornen we see traditions are kept alive
by the women folk .Even after going to work raising their children,taking
care of their elders and men : many a women are still do their household
pujas like Varalakshmi vratam and Krishna jay anti etc with so much bhakti
and devotion 
Very much true.  Even i too give 100% marks to my beloved wife:))
I am a lay person in the matters of Dharma and Shastra , but a women,s
point of view is also needed here
Yes.  vidyAH samastAH tava dEvi bhEdAH / striyaH samastAH sakalA jagatsu..says
Devi Mahatmyam.  All the women are the reflections of Divine Mother.  

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