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Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 28 08:37:47 CDT 2012

Finally. It is good to see a lady's voice on these sorts of questions on this list.
You bring up a number of good points. Neglecting the education of the
girl child has had disastrous consequences for us. However, I would add
the caveat that teaching vaidika dharma to someone does not necessarily
mean teaching that person to chant portions of the veda and get trained
to be a purohita. For a purohita to be active presumes a yajamAna and
in the vaidika ritual tradition, a yajamAna almost always presumes a
yajamAnI. We need to teach our young ones how to be yajamAnas and
yajamAnIs first. It is like teaching students how to listen to music or to
appreciate painting. They do not have to become professional musicians
or artists themselves.

> And the issue of giving importance to the male child, this has taken such a
> worse turn that we see the ratios of male : female going so down.Who is the
> cause behind this ? PONDER please .I want a male child to continue my
> family should stop .Only then there will be more girls in the brahmin
> community .

On this count, I am unaware if there has been any study that analyzes male
to female ratio by caste. My gut feeling is that in brAhmaNa communities, the
problem is not one of numbers. It is one of not conveying dharma properly to
children, both boys and girls. 
> Just blaming the women folk saying they are becoming modern than men is
> wrong too.Infact in many homes as wornen we see traditions are kept alive
> by the women folk .Even after going to work raising their children,taking
> care of their elders and men : many a women are still do their household
> pujas like Varalakshmi vratam and Krishna jay anti etc with so much bhakti
> and devotion .

Yes, that is indeed true. That is why I said earlier that the blame lies largely
with us men. 
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