[Advaita-l] Sankhya and Yoga can give Moksha?

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> In order to keep the body fit, one has to perform yOgAbhyAsa.  Simple asanas, pranayamas & a couple of rounds of sUryAnamaskAra is required.

> All the spiritual excercises should be done in moderation (ati sarvatra varjayEt).  Moderation in karmAnuSTAna (ofcourse nityakarma should not be skipped), moderation
> in yoga abhyAsa (suryanamaskara, prANAyAma as a part of sandhyavandana), moderation in food intake (one should neither over-eat nor fast).  Equipped with this,
> should indulge in vedanta shravaNa & manana.  This should be the goal of vEdAnta abhyAsins.
But what are the simple Asanas and Pranayamas? Is only Padmasana
enough? What is the list of simple Asanas we can practice?

What Asanas and Pranayamas are the Sringeri Swamijis practicing?

There is no information. That is why I am asking. In Nitya Karma it is
clearly said we have to do Sandhyavandana, Deva Puja and others. Like
this there is no clear Asanas from Yoga for Advaita Sadhana.

> sriram
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